A little morning pick me up

Morning!! ❤

I woke up today to this lovely bit of feedback on Facebook! It’s the little things that make you smile 🙂

emmayoung1408: just wanted to say Wow and thank you Kerry!! just joined your site, got a text to join special room on the site on Thursday, logged in and you were online giving out prizes, I won a £30 voucher even though I hadn’t spent any of my own money!!! got it today (tues) and treated myself to some lovely make-up!! this was out of the blue and blooming brilliant!! fair play to you for actually spending your own time on your site and treating customers!!! highly recommend and have voted for best new bingo site in the awards xxx love ya 

I think I should start giving you guys some more credit for being amazing roomies and bringing so much fun to my live draws! I hope to see you all tomorrow at 6pm! Remember to use code HOUSE for access 🙂

Love Kez ❤ xxx

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